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The Positivity Xperience

Jan 25, 2021

The need for other's to validate you is a common trauma response.  This can come from being judged early in your childhood for everything you do.  Maybe you could "never" do anything right in the eyes of your parents.

You can also have trauma from a verbally abusive relationship as you got older and was told you would...

Jan 18, 2021

Well I eneded up contacting Covid-19.  I am the person who likes to think I am pretty preparred and take the virus very serious. I was able to recover at hiome thankfuly.  I did struggle with a mild fever for days, aches, headache, brain fog, sinus issues and overall fatigue.  

While I was recovering is also when the...

Jan 2, 2021

Mental health is something that affects everyone.  In recent times the awareness of mental health and the importance of the resources needed has become a growing topic.  This week my   son Jean Mocombe joins me for a very real conversation about his mental struggles.  He shares how dark and lonely it was and shares how...