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The Positivity Xperience

Sep 25, 2022

Codepependency isn't just depending on your partner, family or friend for your emotional needs.  It has many layers that you may not realize falls under codependency.  The need to "fix" or "rescue" also falls under the codependency umbrella.  

Childhood and other events can be the root to where the codependency starts...

Sep 18, 2022

Judgment of others is a normal part of being a human but only when you see the situation as it is as decide if it aligns with you.  When however you try to understand their why and judge them in a superior way it creates a habit of looking for the negative in others and in self.

Acceptance that others are not you and do...

Sep 11, 2022

Triggers are something that we all experience but you don't have to remain a prisoner to avoiding those triggers.  Some triggers are not as obvious as others but you will typically have a pretty consistent emotional response which is a good indicator of a trigger. 

It's important to not hate the triggers.  They are...

Sep 4, 2022

Multiple decisions and having enourmous amounts of options leads to overwhelm and procrastination.  Micro goals become that much more effective with you have less options to micro goal.  

Putting in the time and effort in the immediate lends to a less stressful longterm.  Planning your day the night before, prepping...