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The Positivity Xperience

Feb 23, 2021

High functioning anxiety cycles are are a thing!  People often think that cycling is only associated with bipolar.  While yes, you do cycle in bipolar you also do with high functioning anxiety..  Let's chat about it

Feb 17, 2021

If you ever feel like people are always hurting you and not meeting your needs its often because you are expecting them to respond to you the way you would to them  It's understanding and getting comfortable that other people may not see it as your way is the only way     Let's chat about it

Feb 10, 2021

You ever have those thoughts that make you go "omg why am I thinking that"  Or the thoughts and worries that you can't seem to shake.  you think of the same thing over and over and over again.  Those are both Intrusive and Obsessive thoughts.

Let's talk about it.

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Feb 1, 2021

Trauma.  You hear this word a lot in mental health and know that a lot of the anxiety and things you feel are linked to this so called trauma.  I always link trauma with my clients and help them find which one of the three catagories of trauma it falls under.  

Let's chat about trauma